Hui Min County, Shandong: "Village Theater Troupe" Enriches the Spiritual Life of the Masses

Just as the night fell in the cultural square of Shima Village, He Fang Street, Hui Min County, Binzhou City, Shandong Province, devoted fans of the Village Theater Troupe began singing the classic aria The Legend of the Red Lantern from the traditional Lü opera. On the stage, drums and music resonated harmoniously as one performance followed another. The enraptured audience couldn't help but applaud enthusiastically from time to time.


Global Horizon for Resources and Insights New Dynamics of “Zhihui Chaoyang” Drives Future Developme

On September 18th, Zhihui Chaoyang G20YEA International Cooperation Conference (“the Conference) has been held at the IN. GEN Center. Young entrepreneurs from the UK, France, Spain, India, and other countries participated in the event, working together to bridge the gaps in economy and culture and to guide the cooperation between Chaoyang District and foreign countries to a new phase.

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