Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra weather: Aussies set to shiver through freezing cold week

2024-06-17 HaiPress

Australians are in for a chilly week ahead with temperatures set to be up to 4C lower than average at this time of year for some capital cities.

A cold front has just reached South Australia and will move east across the country in coming days,bringing icy mornings and even colder nights.

The coldest mornings for Sydney and Melbourne are expected to be on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Sydney has a low of just 6C forecast for Wednesday while Melbourne could be as cold as 3C.

Already this week on Monday,Yunta,in SA's southeast,experienced its coldest morning in four years at -4.8C.

Even Cairns in Far North Queensland suffered a drop in temperature,recording just 12C before 7am on Monday - its coldest morning in two years. 

Temperatures could dip below -5C in some parts of the country's southeast between Tuesday morning and Thursday morning,according to Weatherzone. 

Temperatures are dropping to below minus 0C in some areas around NSW,Victoria,Queensland and Tasmania

The Queensland capital will see a low of 8C on Tuesday.

Further south in Tasmania,Hobart will see its warmest day on Thursday with a top of 17C.

Minimum temperatures will linger around 4C and 5C throughout the week in the Tasmanian capital.

Perth will be dry and sunny with maximum temperatures to linger in the high teens.

The WA capital's coldest day will be on Thursday with a minimum of 7C forecast.

Darwin will meanwhile escape the cold weather with temperatures remaining in the low 30s.

Minimum conditions will see some mornings drop to 17C in the Northern Territory. 



Monday: Min 8C,Max 17C,cloudy,possible showers

Tuesday: Min 9C,sunny

Wednesday: Min 6C,Max 16C,sunny

Thursday: Min 7C,Max 18C,sunny

Friday: Min 7C,cloudy


Monday: Min 5C,Max 14C,cloudy

Tuesday: Min 4C,Max 13C,cloudy

Wednesday: Min 3C,Max 12C,possible showers

Thursday: Min 6C,showers

Friday: Min 6C,showers


Monday: Min 8C,Max 20C,sunny

Tuesday: Min 8C,Max 22C,sunny

Wednesday: Min 9C,sunny

Thursday: Min 10C,Max 24C,sunny

Friday: Min 12C,Max 23C,cloudy


Monday: Min -2C,sunny

Tuesday: Min -1C,morning frost and sunny

Wednesday: Min -3C,Max 10C,morning frost and sunny

Thursday: Min -1C,Max 11C,showers

Friday: Min 1C,showers


Monday: Min 18C,Max 32C,sunny

Tuesday: Min 17C,Max 31C,sunny

Wednesday: Min 17C,sunny

Thursday: Min 19C,sunny

Friday: Min 19C,sunny


Monday: Min 9C,Max 19C,cloudy

Tuesday: Min 9C,showers

Wednesday: Min 8C,cloudy

Thursday: Min 7C,sunny

Friday: Min 8C,sunny


Monday: Min 8C,cloudy

Tuesday: Min 8C,showers

Wednesday: Min 9C,rain

Thursday: Min 9C,Max 15C,rain

Friday: Min 8C,showers


Monday: Min 7C,showers

Tuesday: Min 6C,showers

Wednesday: Min 5C,cloudy

Thursday: Min 5C,showers

Friday: Min 5C,showers

Source: Bureau of Meteorology 

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