2023 The 7th China Fairy Yunhe Wooden Toy Festival International Sourcing Fair


In order to give full play to the development advantages of export-oriented wooden toy industry, jumping out of Yunhe development of Yunhe itself, to help enterprises quickly and accurately matching international buyers, to realize the sale of the world without leaving home, and further expand Yunhe wooden play brand awareness, reputation, and promote Yunhe wooden play industry back to stability and wellness, 2023 the 7th fairy tale of Yunhe wooden toy international sourcing fair will be held on November 11th.

This activity is organized by the people's government of Yunhe County, Yunhe County Economic and Commercial Bureau, executed by Yiwu Boyu Exhibition Service Co. Purchasers from more than 30 countries and regions around the world, as well as domestic provinces and cities, will have in-depth negotiations with more than 70 toy representative enterprises in Yunhe County. Several internationally renowned toy brands from Germany, the United States and other had been invited to participate in the event, through the exchange of communication and interoperability between the two sides of the Chinese and foreigners, expanding the foreign export orders. The aim of the activities is to create an advantageous industrial cluster with global influence and competitiveness.

As an industry event of global wooden play enterprises and buyers exchange conference, Yunhe Wooden Toy Festival has been held six years. This three-day wooden toy festival, focusing on the theme of "Fairytale Yunhe - Tide leading the world", launched the seven theme activities of "Tide Ceremony", "Tide Dialog", "Tide Space", "Tide Wooden Play", "Tide Bazaar“,"Tide Marketing", "Tide Invitational Game ". The event will also be promoted through many domestic and international mainstream media and social media platforms, greatly enhancing the exposure of exhibitors to attract high-quality buyers to participate.

We sincerely invite you to meet us at 2023 The 7th China Fairy Yunhe Wooden Toy Festival international sourcing fair on November 11th.

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