SNF-288LED street light


1.Highway street light
2. City main road, secondary road, auxiliary road lights
3.High-tech park street light
4.Economic development zone street light
5.Factory street light
6. Port and dock street light
7. Large enterprise street light

(Note: Optional solar panels and solar cells can be used to form solar LED street light lighting system)

Product advantages
1. Philips high luminous flux LED chip, luminous efficiency of up to 190 lm / W or more than 30% higher than other lamps with the same power illumination
2. IEC 60598 international standard and GB 7000 domestic standard test report
3. No blue light hazard
4. L80, L79 test report
5. Dimming control (optional): wireless intelligent dimming control / time segment dimming control
6. Power supply using Meanwell, Mao Shuo, Infineon, Song Sheng and other brands of power, embedded high-tech software control, to achieve constant power, electromagnetic compatibility, constant current and other performance
7. Wide voltage input: 90-305 Vac
8. Power supply efficiency: ≥ 91%
9. Power factor: 0.98
10. Lightning protection: 6000V
11. Total harmonic distortion (THD): ≤ 10%
12. Angle adjustment (optional): -90 ° ~ +90 °
13. Certification: CE/RoHS

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