KYN28-12 armored removable AC metal-enclosed switchgear


KYN28-12 armored transfer type AC metal-enclosed switchgear has reliable "five prevention" functions, such as preventing pushing and pulling the circuit breaker trolley with load, preventing mistakenly dividing and closing the circuit breaker, preventing shutting down the circuit breaker when the grounding switch is in the closed position, preventing mistakenly entering the charged compartment, preventing mistakenly closing the interlocking function of the grounding switch when it is charged. It is an ideal new type of power distribution device with high strength, reasonable arrangement of components, complete program, and strong expandability, with various brands of VSl vacuum circuit breakers.

KYN28-12 type armored transfer type AC metal-enclosed switchgear is suitable for 3.6kV-12kV three-phase AC 50Hz single busbar and single busbar segmented power distribution system as a complete set of switchgear for receiving and distributing electric energy, mainly used in power plants, small and medium-sized power generation and transmission, substations, industrial and mining enterprises and urban construction power distribution and the secondary substation of the electric industry system for receiving and transmitting power and large High-voltage motor starting, etc., as control protection, monitoring purposes.

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