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The main function: 1. When an accident occurs, the correct treatment of wounds to prevent infection is crucial, because the serious consequences of wound infection is believed to be understood, and sometimes it is even fatal. For this, the first aid kit should be equipped with high-quality sterile dressings, gauze, bandages, disposable gloves, etc., can effectively prevent wound infection in the event of an accident. The soft texture of the first aid kit can also be used as a temporary cushion, pillow when you go out. 2. outdoor + home, the first aid kit is not only the necessary safety supplies for the car, but also can be used in the home, sometimes inevitable scrapes and bruises in daily life, especially at home with the elderly, children, equipped with a variety of high-standard first aid items first aid kit will certainly be useful, such as burns, the first aid kit also has a special burn dressing In case of burns, the kit is equipped with special burn dressings. Whether on the road or at home, after an accident, before the arrival of the emergency vehicle, the first aid kit will maximize the mitigation of the deterioration of the injury, before coming, the first aid kit will maximize the mitigation of the deterioration of the injury, eliminating or reducing the adverse consequences.

Guide to buying a bag: (1) first aid kit, choose a waterproof bag and professional first aid kit (2) it is recommended to buy a brightly colored bag. This is more convenient to find at night when the light is not too strong, and the bag can be unfolded as a sign of distress when in danger in the field. (3) first aid kit should be waterproof, use high-density anti-tear wear-resistant materials, the same internal should use high-density anti-tear wear-resistant materials or sturdy plastic. The stitching of the bag should be sewn with coarse nylon thread or other strong thread, tied edge should be wide and thick, zipper should be wide and strong thread sewing, tied edge should be wide and thick, zipper should be wide and strong (narrow zipper is easy to pull off). Now the package waterproof more now using PU coating, be sure to watch, to good PU + nylon. Otherwise, once the weather is hot, PU will become soft and even stick to the drugs; once the weather is cold and will become very brittle and easy to break.

Sichuan Shuntai Kang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. founded in 2014, is a modern enterprise focusing on the sale of medical equipment and consumables, mainly operating theatres, emergency rooms, diagnostics, rehabilitation, ultrasound radiology and other medical equipment company with its product sales strength, with a good reputation, sincere business. Based on the concept of "integrity, positivity, innovation and vision", we are committed to being a leader in the sale of medical equipment in the industry.
Since its inception, the company's annual capital flow of tens of millions of dollars, and Sichuan and Chongqing many hospitals, and a number of manufacturers across the country to establish long-term cooperation for the hospital operating room supply equipment supplies, achieved fruitful results and accumulated a wealth of experience in the medical enterprise, with the development of China's medical industry and policy to promote, and continue to explore the market, for the development of medical care, contributing their own The company has been developing the market and contributing to the development of the healthcare industry. 
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