Carbon Crystal Plate


What is a carbon crystal plate made of
A carbon crystal panel is a material made by adding far-infrared emitters and temperature limiting agents to carbon crystal particles. As an improved pure carbon crystal particle heating product, the carbon crystal panel has greatly improved the heating uniformity, fire resistance, safety, weather resistance, electric heat conversion efficiency and infrared radiation rate, and other indicators have been substantially improved and enhanced than ordinary heating products.
The carbon crystal low temperature radiant heating system makes full use of the excellent flat heating characteristics of the carbon crystal electric heating panel. The whole flat heating adopts synchronous heating, continuous heating and good heat balance on the wall, which has many advantages compared with other heating methods such as water heating, air conditioning and heating cables.
What are the main uses of carbon panels.
The Carbon Crystal Panel is known as the "Carbon Crystal Electric Low Temperature Radiant Heating System". It is a new type of low-temperature radiant heating system developed with carbon crystal heating panels as its core component. The thermal principle of the carbon crystal plate: under the action of the electric field, the movement of the carbon atom molecules in the heating body causes violent friction and impact between the carbon atoms. The heat generated is transmitted by far-infrared radiation and convection, and the conversion rate of electrical and thermal energy is over 98%. The system makes full use of the excellent planar heating characteristics of the carbon crystal electric heating plate. The full plane heating adopts synchronous heating, continuous heating and good heat balance, it overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional heating products of discontinuous heating and poor heat balance effect.

Performance of the carbon crystal board
Plane carbon crystal plate laid under the ground trim, carbon crystal plate under the action of electric field, through the nano-level carbon crystal molecules to do Brownian motion and friction to generate heat, so that the carbon crystal plate surface temperature, and constantly through the coverings immediately adjacent to the carbon crystal plate, and carbon crystal electric heating materials on the back of the heat insulation material, heat insulation materials constantly reflect the heat energy to the heating body surface coverings, so that its surface warmth rise.
1、Efficient energy saving and long life
The carbon crystal heater has high heating efficiency, 100% of the electrical energy input is effectively converted into more than 30% of the conduction heat and more than 65& of the infrared radiation energy, heating up fast and more than enough heat. Highly efficient thermal insulation and heat storage layer. Once the set temperature has been reached, it can be maintained at a comfortable temperature for a long time even in the event of a power failure.
2、Good heating effect and high thermal efficiency
After the carbon crystal heater is energised, the carbon crystal is the heating body which rapidly converts electrical energy into heat energy and transmits it in the plane way of far-infrared heat radiation, with an electrical conversion rate of over 98% and all the heat is radiated in the form of 8-15um infrared light waves.
3、Health, comfort, environmental protection
While heating the room, the carbon crystal heater continuously generates far-infrared waves. Far-infrared rays are a kind of rays that can penetrate deep into the skin and subcutaneous tissues, and carry out light wave physiotherapy on the human body, which is known as the "light of life" by modern medicine! It can cause the atoms of the human body cells and points carbon crystal electric heating plate heating tasks undertaken by far infrared radiation, less moisture loss, good air humidity, infrared radiation through the transparent air, to overcome the traditional radiator heating method caused by indoor dryness, odor, skin loss, dry mouth and tongue discomfort, indoor environment as warm as spring and infrared beneficial to the human body, carbon crystal heater far infrared wavelength in the 8-14 microns region, people in the long term in the region. The wavelength of the far infrared rays of the carbon crystal heater is within the region of 8-14 microns, which can improve the microcirculation of the human body, promote metabolism, enhance cellular vitality, regulate the nervous system and respiratory system, relax the muscles and blood, improve the immunity of the human body and other functions, which can prolong life with long-term use.

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