Automobile Deflector Unit (Tail Wing) Assembly


When the car is driving at high speed, according to the aerodynamic principle, it will encounter air resistance during the driving process. Around the center of gravity of the car, it will generate aerodynamic forces in three directions of longitudinal, lateral and vertical rise, of which the longitudinal is the air resistance.
The so-called "tail wing" is usually called spoiler, which is often found in sports cars and sports cars. Now there are also some ordinary cars on the market equipped with this "tail wing" spoiler. In fact, the main purpose of the spoiler is to reduce the lift at the rear of the vehicle. If the lift at the rear of the vehicle is greater than the lift at the front of the vehicle, it is easy to cause the vehicle to oversteer, reduce the grip of the rear wheels and deteriorate the stability at high speed.

The function of the tail wing of the car is to make the air resistance form a downward pressure when the car is running at high speed, try to offset the lift force, effectively control the downward pressure of the air flow, reduce the drag coefficient accordingly, and increase the stability of the car at high speed; Because the tail wing can reduce the air resistance of the vehicle, installing the tail wing on high-speed vehicles can also help to save fuel; At the same time, it also makes the appearance of the car more beautiful and plays a certain decorative role.

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