Anti-cracking mortar


Anti-crack mortar is made of anti-crack agent made of polymer emulsion and admixture, cement and sand in a certain proportion and mixed with water, which can meet a certain deformation and maintain no cracking.
This product is a new type of anti-cracking material, which solves a major problem that has been plaguing the construction industry, the problem of cracking on the light-weight thermal insulation layer. It is a new type of environmentally friendly material with high tensile strength, easy construction and anti-freezing. It can be widely used in various building interior and exterior walls.

Construction method
1. Remove the dust, oil and debris from the wall to make the surface clean.
2. Preparation: Mortar powder: water = 1:0.3, stir evenly with mortar mixer or hand mixer.
3. Do point sticking or thin sticking method on the wall, and press to achieve smoothness.
4. Application amount: 3-5kg/m².


Anti-crack mortar has the characteristics of high bonding strength, good flexibility, impermeability, waterproof and crack resistance. And the construction is convenient: it has good construction and easy performance. There is no need to vibrate during construction, and it can be used by adding water and stirring on site. Has excellent weather resistance, impact resistance and crack resistance.
It can be used for plastering of polystyrene board and extruded board, and plastering of anti-cracking protective layer.


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