2023 Zhejiang International Trade (Morocco) Exhibition was successfully held


From November 21st to 23rd, 2023 Zhejiang International Trade (Morocco) Exhibition hosted by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce was held in Casablanca, Morocco. This exhibition was held at the same time as the Africa Food Show organized by MIE Group. Thousands of bowls, tea, comprehensive food, food processing machinery and technology, small agricultural machinery, etc. in Baixian County, Zhejiang Province were displayed on the spot.

Morocco is a hub connecting the three major markets of the European Union, the Arab world and Africa, covering 1 billion consumer markets. There is an urgent demand for food products, processing technology, food processing machinery and technology, with huge market potential and broad cooperation space. In 2023 Zhejiang International Trade (Morocco) Exhibition, 63 enterprises from Hangzhou, Taizhou, Wenzhou and other places participated in the exhibition, and there were 90 booths with a total exhibition area of over 900 square meters. The exhibition provides an ideal B2B platform for global food and beverage suppliers, attracting wholesalers, retailers, importers and exporters, distributors, industry associations and organizations from Europe and Africa.

"China Food Tasting Zone" and "Weimei Zhejiang Exhibition Zone" were set up at the exhibition site. In the tasting area, China chefs who have been stationed in China for a long time are invited to cook cuisine, attracting many buyers to stop and taste, showing the "Chinese charm with the tip of the tongue" and enhancing the popularity of the exhibition site. Exhibitors tasted Osmanthus Jelly, Dingsheng cake, West Lake lotus root starch and other special foods from Hangzhou Zhiweiguan, a time-honored Chinese brand, as well as fine teas such as West Lake Longjing and Jiuqu Hongmei. "Weimei Zhejiang Exhibition Area" focuses on the gold business card of "Hundred Counties and Thousand Bowls" and the culture of Zhejiang yellow rice wine, and introduces traditional Zhejiang cuisine from the perspectives of entity dishes, production techniques and cultural stories. Attracting local merchants to stop and punch in and feel the charm of Zhejiang through various activities such as physical display, on-site cooking and tea performance.

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